Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A little bit of everything...

I'm so ecstatic to feel better again! Now I am trying to soak in these last few weeks of summer before it is back to the grind. Norah has been reading to get all her summer reading "READO" card filled out...I love to see her read.

She has also been teaching Jeff Yoga moves...

She painted the cutest thing this is all the stuff she likes in her profile...she loves going to Palette to Palate.

Some of her favorite things painted in there: "Family and Friends", Clemson, Painting, Camping, Beach, and Pool. She is so cute! She did say she does loves her dogs too...

On the book front....I finished reading "The Boys in the Boat" and it was great. A wonderful non-fiction read for anyone. I would recommend it along with "Unbroken" for the kind of non-fiction that everyone would love and gives you a "you can do anything" after reading their stories. It is always nice to read a true story where the good guy wins. Up next..."State of Wonder"...

TV time...I started a new series to watch since there is nothing on TV in the summer..."Veronica Mars" is a fun summer watch.

Norah and I are headed to the beach early today before the weather gets wacky and decides to rain on us. I so wish summer would last forever...except I am ready for football to start!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Things...

What to say except that sickness sucks. I have been yuck in some way since late June...well after the last post...the antibiotic did clear my ear infection but the fever and mega sore throat issues stayed (fever just wears my body out and I become worthless...the body aches and chills that come with it don't help either.) After 5 straight days of having a fever...back to the doctor and blood work. Basically I have super infection and got new drugs that hopefully will do the trick. I'm so ready to be normal!! I will say that I was given the instructions to drink 60 oz. of water a day and no exercise for five days with the medicine (I'm trying to say cooking and cleaning count as exercise) is hoping to this being it!

Jeff was awesome in parenting duties for Norah this past weekend (he is a rock star Dad anyway but he took it up a notch for me!) as I was pretty lethargic. He took her on a fishing trip on Saturday. Which is so cute!

And then Sunday he took her with some other families to this place in Pawleys to play in the water, etc. He fell down on his picture taking duties this day :)

Norah is also doing an art camp this week and is loving it! Thanks for my mom picking her up and letting her have a sleepover at your house so I could rest...she had fun and loved going to lunch and the shopping! :)

I did get to have a quick lunch with a friend and it was so nice to catch up! So since I do not have a lot of cute Norah pics to about some random stuff...always fun. I have surfed the net for odd things since that is about all the energy going on lately. I was thinking of new everyday wine are some cute ones...(I think the blue ones would be awesome for summer and the price is great...might have to make a trip to Charlotte soon for those!)

Click on names to go to sites: French Wine Glass // Horta Wine Glass  // Verona Stem Wine Glass // Light Blue Ruby Wine Glass

This looks like a Fun clock for Norah's playroom...Geo Chevron Wall Clock
And how cute would this box be on a table to hold TV remotes or something...Monogram Jewelry Box...(love the navy, white, and fuchsia)

Well hopefully I'll be back to my normal self soon!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Five on Friday...

1. Norah and Camp
This week Norah went to camp at Hobcaw and each day explored the marsh, beach, pond, and forest habitats. It is amazing to have this place right in our community.

2. I also got to take Norah, Abigail, and Ellie to the beach after camp one day...I loved watching them play and had fun myself! Such great girls! We also had the best tidal pool there that day.

3. Norah and I read most afternoons for a little bit...I read real books and my Kindle...just depending on what format I have of the book. Norah snapped this pic of me finishing my latest book..

Then Darcy decided to join me and I took a pic of him laying on me like he owns the he not the cutest!? (You can see Finn in pic above...)

Haircut coming on Monday! He can barely see! Ha!
4. Book and Movie Time: I was reading in pic above "One Plus One" by Jojo Moyes which I finished. I liked it but it was not as good as her other books in my opinion (Everyone should read her other books...especially "Me Before You" and "The Girl You Left Behind") I enjoyed her writing and characters in the book though.

Norah has been reading books from the library and we are heading back next week to turn in our stack and get new ones. I did just sign up to get on the wait lists for some of the library's ebooks which is exciting. I'm now currently reading "The Boys in the Boat" by Daniel James Brown.

Amanda and I went out the other night to King Street Grille (sat outside and I love the view!) for an app and then headed to the movies to see "Maleficent" or so we thought. Got to the theatre and they said the projector was broken...and our only other option was "Tammy"....that's right we saw the movie..."Tammy." (And yes...we paid to see it!)

Ummmm....even though the movie is not going to win any awards it could have been worse (it has a lot of well know actors in it which I thought was interesting/strange...) was a fun night with Amanda!! Hopefully we can make a movie night out a regular occurrence throughout the year as I love going to movies...but better ones. ;) Ha! Amanda...I still think we might need to order the shirts... :)

5. I've been sick again or really have I just been yuck for like 3 plus weeks. Anyway...I've had a fever the last two days...another trip to doctor...ear infection and antibiotic...I hope this does the trick. I just feel blah. So of course I have found a new show to watch while I lay around..."Mr. Selfridge" on Amazon Prime. It is like a British soap opera...and I do love all things British!

There is even an actor, GrĂ©gory Fitoussi, on there that I have added to my celebrity boyfriend list. ;)

Well I am hoping to feel better this weekend as I'm so tired of not being 100% and look forward to spending time with the family!

Okay I have to leave you with something random. I was telling Amanda about this scene that I love the other night. I have the song "The Underdog" by Spoon downloaded and I always think about this scene and how cute Zac Efron is in the movie. makes me want to be 17 Again for sure...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

What I've been reading...

I finished three books lately...

First up..."The Cuckoo's Calling"

As you know...I LOVE Harry Potter and even though I did not read "The Casual Vacancy" (I might one day)...I had heard good things about "The Cuckoo's Calling." I really enjoyed it. It was a fast read and was just a great old school detective story. So when I finished, I wasn't ready to say bye to the characters (this is where it is J.K. Rowling all the love her characters!) and so I picked up her new one..."Silkworm."

And was a fast read...and I loved it too! So I am hoping that her next one comes out soon as I want to see their next case solved. I recommend both of these books for a good read. Next up...I read the book with all the hype..."Gone Girl."

Sometimes when books have so much talk about makes it hard to read. It was a page turner in that I wanted to know how it would end but at the end it was just okay to me. I don't know...there is a lot of crazy in there but (spoiler alert) I was sad that in the end no one would be getting help for the "craziness." (Tried not to give too much away...)

Anyway...I'm onto my next book..."One Plus One" by Jojo Moyes...which you know how much I love her other books especially "Me Before You" so I have high hopes for this one.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Catch up time....(this is gonna be a long one...)

Backing up to the week starting June 21st...I got sick that week so it is a bit of a blur. Norah of course was awesome as usual....

Then came the weekend and her actual birthday! I cannot believe she is 7 years old! There are no words to tell you how much we love this girl! (Looking back at how much she had grown is just so hard to believe how fast it has all gone! 6 years old, 5 years old, Birth-4 years old) She wanted a pie instead of cake (no prob!) for her birthday and...made a wish!

Jeff's mom came into town on that Saturday with Jeff's brother's family to stay for the week. I actually flew out super early on Sunday morning to head to New Mexico so I could get certified in a class for school.

This is bright and early at the airport! Jeff was a trooper!
I got my certification in ITGS (Information Technology in a Global Society) which is for our IB program. I was not sure what to expect when heading out to New Mexico about the class and the actual training. Both were great! I met the most fun, smart, and fabulous people and was fascinated by the material in the class. I am super excited to teach it in the fall and love that I will keep in touch with all the amazing people that I met at the IB training.

Well I returned to Pawleys Island about 11:15ish pm on Wednesday night and was a little tired to say the least and still feeling kinda yuck. (Thanks again for Jeff coming to get me in Charleston!) While I was away, Jeff had to work but Jeff's mom and my mom took care of Norah. Then my sister came in town with her boys too. They went to the beach, bowling, a magic show, Norah got gifts, and the list of activities goes on! Jeff said Norah had the most fun and was exhausted each night! Thank you to all who helped with Norah while I was away...she loved spending time with all the family. The hurricane brought us lots of rain on Thursday so the morning started a little slow which I needed...I still didn't feel 100%. Norah watched some things on her ipad.

Thursday afternoon when Jeff got home from work, we got to see Allan, Robyn, Allyson, Jonathon and their friends at their beach house.It is always great to see them and we wish we had more time to spend with them...guess they will have to come back to visit!

My niece always takes the best pics!
Friday was the 4th and it was a non-stop kind of day! We were up and at the N. Litchfield parade at 10 am with my mom, Denny, and Jeff's mom.

Next up is the beach...the Wilcox family made it out to the beach too!

And there is more...we then went to my Aunt's house for dinner...which was super delicious and look at the view!

Well to end the night...we went to Litchfield Inn (yes, we still own that condo if anyone wants to buy it! ;) to watch the fireworks. Norah loved the fireworks especially watching them with Daddy!

So we are finally here to this morning (did you really make it this far?!) and after having to say goodbye to Jeff's family (we told them to come back on a non-holiday time soon so we can hang out again soon!)...we headed to the River with the Wilcox family and it was a blast!!!

And now...we are hunkering down as a family of three, having a glass of wine (me), beer (Jeff), diet sierra mist (Norah), fried shrimp, and watching the movie "The Croods" on the couch with our dogs. It has been a wild, fun few days and now it is nice to family bond for a low-key night. What will we do tomorrow.... :)