Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Things...

Well I am back at school and what awesomeness it is! We have such an amazing group of people and everyone is excited about the kids coming back next week. Even though I miss my Norah and lazy beach days...there is so much fun happening with my coworkers that it makes it an easier transition back to work mode. I am just teaching this year and I am pumped to finally get to teach Algebra was always one of my favorite classes! Plus 6th Grade Math, 7th Grade Pre-Algebra, a technology class based on ITGS, and a little enrichment action for 6th graders too. We were given a great plan to follow for our homeroom each day which will be so beneficial to the student...lesson on character, time management, etc. Everything I believe a student needs for the real world! Okay enough of the work talk...

So I had put my name on the wait list at the library for a few books I am pumped up to read and they all came up at the same time so I need to get my read on! Eek!

Earlier this week I went to a friend's house to play the game Cards Against Humanity and it was so much fun! I cannot remember the last time I laughed that you ladies and glad to know we are all just as twisted in our thought process! Hahaha! ;)

Okay here are two things I totally want for my house...these Owl pics...(I heard they were from Ballard Designs?? but I couldn't find them...)

And I totally want to "blow up" a page in a book and make it into something like this...

I think the hardest thing would be deciding what page of what book...

And tonight I had a fabulous dinner, poured a glass of wine in my new favorite wine glass (a gift from my friend Ladd and it is awesome! Thank you!! And Happy Early Birthday Deb!), getting ready to watch a pre-season NFL game on ESPN, and then read some of my book...perfect night!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Five

1. I saw "Guardians of the Galaxy" last night with my mom and Aunt. It was fabulous!

Let's discuss...Peter Quill is the bomb, I may start just walking around and answering "I am Groot" to all questions, I have downloaded the Awesome Mix Vol. 1 so that the next time I disagree with someone I might just start dancing for distraction purposes.

and Lee Pace as Ronan (I cannot believe that is the same person as "Ned" in Pushing Daisies which I was so sad when it was canceled as I loved that quirky show.)

2. My computer crashed earlier this week and I think I saved all the documents and such on it but not all my Favorites/Bookmarks...which is not making my life easy with school about to start and I had a zillion school related sites saved there.

3. Speaking of phone crashed this morning and required a trip to Myrtle Beach to the Verizon it is fixed which means I feel whole again. ;)

Basically I kept telling myself....

4. Today is the last Friday I will be home with Norah before it is back to we are headed to the beach this afternoon to meet some friends. I think we are both pretty excited about this!

5. Tonight the Panthers play the Bills in a Preseason says it will be on CBS locally to watch (fingers crossed) excited football is back! (I do love #59 in the background too...I'm just saying...)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mid-Week Check-in...

Last week I got a surprise call from my "big" sister Heather that she and her family were in town. Her real sister is also a sorority sister too so that just adds to the fun (plus Norah is now confused about how many "sisters" I have.) ADPi Love ladies! ;) It was so great to visit with Heather and Michelle...we need to do it more often

The reason the visit was so short is that Norah and I were headed to Charlotte the next morning. We are trying to have lots of fun before I go back to work. We stayed with my friend Christie (thanks Brown family for letting us stay...Ben...I hope we didn't drive you too crazy!) and had a blast! There was shopping, eating out (hello Chipotle!), pottery painting, talking, UNO card playing, pool time (Thanks Cara!), wine know all the usual! It is so hard to go back to Charlotte and not see obviously another trip to Charlotte will be necessary!

Norah and I listened to the book "Wonder" by RJ Palacio on Audio for our trip to and from Charlotte then finished the rest in the days we have been home. It is a really thoughtful book and I recommend a lot of parents and kids to read it. At our school...they read it in 6th grade. Great book to discuss how you treat other people, approach a challenge, how to deal with doing something that might not be what you want to do, not always following the crowd, the kind of character you have within yourself, no one has a perfect life, the Golden Rule, friendships, families, and the list goes on...highly recommend.

It is really hard to believe that summer is coming to an end and I have one more week of true vacation before school official starts back for me. One thing that the start of school always brings is school supplies! I love looking at all the school supplies and we have gotten everything that was on Norah's 2nd grade list plus it was time for a new book bag and lunch box. Blue Peacocks from Pottery Barn...pretty cute!

I actually ran into the school this morning for an hour but then Norah and I hit the beach. It is such a beautiful day. I sure will miss hanging out on the beach and having time with Norah during the day when school is back in session. I wonder what else we can squeeze in before next week?! Well Norah is off to spend the night with a friend tonight...which she is super excited about!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Books and A Movie...

Books...I love having the summer to read as many fun books as I can! I just finished "The Rosie Project" which was a fun, quick read. I kept seeing such great reviews and knew it was not that long so checked it out at the local library. The writing reminded me of "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" with a more adult theme and more positive/upbeat. Great for a summer read! (It is like Sheldon from "Big Bang Theory" finding his one and only.)

I also finally read "State of Wonder" which was one of those books that has you thinking about things. At times you weren't sure what you were supposed to get from the book but you enjoyed the characters...then it got really fast paced at the end and when it was really wanted to know what happened to everyone. It is a book that you will like or you might not. I am curious to check out the author's other books now...

Okay...I've decided for my own benefit to sum up what I have read this summer. I'm hoping it will help me pick my next one...any suggestions are welcome but it needs to be a good one. :)

To date this summer I have read 15 books including the ones above...

I really did like them all in their own way...the ones that stick out the most are "The Paris Wife", "Cuckoo's Calling", "Silkworm", "The Fault in Our Stars", "A Hundred Summers", and "The Boys in the Boat." I have to say that all are good depending on what mood you are in when reading. Sometimes I like to read a more serious book but other times I just like some fluff! My hope is to read 2 more books before it is time to prep for school work but we'll see...

 Movie...So I finished the "Veronica Mars" TV series (yes, I'm obsessive) and I watched the movie...

So I thought the TV shows and movies were both great (light and fun...perfect summer watching!) and you totally want to be a Private Investigator after watching it. In the has some hilarious scenes as Dax Shepard (Kristen Bell's real life husband) has a small part in it and the dancing by Piz in a scene...both are classic and made me laugh out loud...I had to replay both of the two scenes for giggles.

As far as if I would wear a "Team Logan" or "Team Piz" shirt this year (you know I have my "Team Edward" shirt near by...) It is a toss up but going with "Team Logan" on this one...yep I think he might make the ole' celebrity boyfriend list. :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wow...summer fun for sure!

Last week Jeff and I actually had a date night and went to Frank's Outback. If you live here or know it is awesome food, service, atmosphere...everything! It was a "little" humid that night but we made it (you know that in the South...we glisten and not sweat...right?!) :)

Then the weekend came and we celebrated my mom's birthday. Denny threw a little birthday bash for my mom with food and drinks. We hung out under their house with some neighbors and was a lot of fun!

Norah had her first surf lesson and did great! (The lesson was with Surf the Earth and they did a great job!) She loved every minute of it and now has asked me non-stop when is she getting a surf board so she can do it again! She is such a water child! (If you know a good deal on one...let me know. Thank you to those who said we could borrow your boards!)

We also got to swim at a friend's pool this week (thanks Sally!) which was a lot of fun too! Tonight was one of those and nail polish...yep...I quit biting my nails this summer (again!)...gosh my hands look weird in a picture! Ha! :)

Well it is hard to believe July ends tomorrow...slow down summer!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A little bit of everything...

I'm so ecstatic to feel better again! Now I am trying to soak in these last few weeks of summer before it is back to the grind. Norah has been reading to get all her summer reading "READO" card filled out...I love to see her read.

She has also been teaching Jeff Yoga moves...

She painted the cutest thing this is all the stuff she likes in her profile...she loves going to Palette to Palate.

Some of her favorite things painted in there: "Family and Friends", Clemson, Painting, Camping, Beach, and Pool. She is so cute! She did say she does loves her dogs too...

On the book front....I finished reading "The Boys in the Boat" and it was great. A wonderful non-fiction read for anyone. I would recommend it along with "Unbroken" for the kind of non-fiction that everyone would love and gives you a "you can do anything" after reading their stories. It is always nice to read a true story where the good guy wins. Up next..."State of Wonder"...

TV time...I started a new series to watch since there is nothing on TV in the summer..."Veronica Mars" is a fun summer watch.

Norah and I are headed to the beach early today before the weather gets wacky and decides to rain on us. I so wish summer would last forever...except I am ready for football to start!