Monday, December 22, 2014

3 days to go...

Saturday we got some down time in the morning before having lunch out at Landolfi's (it closes for the week of have to get it all in this week!) Then ran a few errands. Norah chilled out on her sleeping bags with the dogs for awhile.

Then we had dinner with Frankie and Denny and came back to our house for a little Christmas action.

Norah was excited to open the big box...Darcy looks intrigued too!

Tire swing!
She was in a silly mood too and covered Jeff in cups!

Sunday we went to Church and then headed to Myrtle Beach to see The Nutcracker performed by a youth dance group. Norah's first time at the Nutcracker!

Had another new wine (Branching out over break!)...big thumbs up and I recommend. Got a bottle at Target for $12...can't beat that! Have no fear...Apothic is still my go to wine as of now! ;)

Well today brings cookie decorating, arts/crafts, movie, and the best part...hanging with some friends.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

5 days to go...

Today is the first full day of Christmas Break! YEAH! This past Wednesday we had dinner for Jeff's work...we had such fun with everyone and yummy food too! (The first pic cracks me up as Jeff claims I blinded him with the flash!)

Thursday morning I went to Norah's Christmas party at school...breakfast themed which I thought was a great idea! The kids loved it!

Thursday night was book club and a little book exchange time...too much fun! (Have to post the outtakes) There was some book "stealing" and the night may have ended where there was dancing and singing some RUN-DMC...however, I missed that part! Love ya ladies!

Norah gave Jeff and I an ornament she made at school and wrapped us something else for under the tree they made at school too...cannot wait to find out what it is!

Yesterday was the end of school and we headed to the movies and dinner at PF Changs to celebrate. We watched "Night at the Museum 3" and all really liked it...very cute! I loved Dan Stevens in it! And Dick Van Dyke can still dance! But it was sad to see Robin Williams...hard to believe he is gone.

Eating at PF Changs makes me feel like I'm in Charlotte...had a new wine to me called Colby Red. It is a blend (I'm digging blends lately!) and it has a neat story behind it.
So I found out that Will & Grace is playing reruns on the WE channel (Ch. 66 here) and I'm loving it! I forgot how funny it is...and because of some ongoing lawsuit it has not been digitalized so it is not on Netflix, Amazon, or! So gonna try to catch it when I can.

Well today I have a few errands to run but most importantly we are celebrating Christmas with my mom and Denny so should be a fun day!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

9 days to go...

One huge perk to the blog is having all my pics organized from the past years. I love to go back and see what we were doing around certain times of Christmas. It always amazes me how much Norah has grown up. I only wish I had started this blog earlier! It is the best scrapbook!

Today was my last full day at my school before half days kick in due to exams. I also started to realize a few last minute things I need to get done before Christmas arrives! Gonna use my time without Norah in these next few days to get it all done.

Norah went to art today and painted a Christmas wreath with her hand prints and a brush of course! I love the way it turned out with the ocean and sunset!

Now to have a calm night before the busy nights kick in!

Monday, December 15, 2014

10 days to go...

10 more days till the BIG Day but even better is four more days until Christmas Break! This next week is going to be super busy with something every day on the calendar. I'm hoping to post pics on the blog as we go so I won't have an overload of pics to upload when Christmas arrives.

This past Saturday Jeff took Norah to our local Chick-fil-a to meet Santa, Anna, and Elsa...they had a great time. I think Norah liked hanging out with her Daddy the best. They ate dinner there but came home before they played the movie "Frozen."

They got home and we hunkered down for the night watching Christmas movies in bed...someone fell asleep in our bed...and we let her stay there for the night! (Yes...that is Finn under there!)

Sunday Norah went to our Church for a showing of the movie "Elf" with the youth...she had a great time! I snapped of pic of Norah playing with her LEGOS friends in her playroom on Sunday.

I also made stove top Christmas Potpourri and it made the house smell awesome.

Well off to watch some Christmas movie on ABC Family ("Prep & Landing"0 with Norah. I have been loving ABC Family stuff lately...especially the Griswold's. :)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Catching up and other things...

Last weekend it started off with a surprise when a package arrived from UPS. What did it contain? A coffee mug that says it all! rock!

Last Saturday we went to the Georgetown Christmas parade and it was a lot of fun! I even saw a student performing in the parade and yelled for her attention as all good teachers would do! Norah loved running around and hanging out with everyone!

We ended the night with oysters and friends over for football watching! Even Frankie and Denny made it over! Always good times.

I think living in Pawleys Island the new activity to do on a Friday or Saturday night in the winter is to eat oysters. It would be the same as grilling burgers or ordering pizza in Charlotte. So this Friday...Jeff picked up oysters on his way home from work and since the kids were already hanging became an oyster night again. So good!

This morning Jeff went hunting...we are hoping this time he gets something! I guess we will know soon enough. So Norah and I had a date this morning at Litchfield Diner. Always fun hanging with my girl!
Whew! Hard to believe there is one more week of school left before Christmas Break. I am actually SUPER excited about break and all the time I get to spend with family and friends. I must admit that I am a little behind in the Christmas shopping department as I usually would be done by now...but my goal (gotta have a goal!) is to finish by next Saturday. (Gotta finish Christmas cards too!) That way I can just enjoy doing activities with Norah, listening to Christmas music, admiring the lights of the Christmas tree, hanging out with family and friends, and just soaking up the holiday spirit. :)

Usually I do some sort of wish list on the blog each year for Christmas just to throw out ideas in general but I don't really have one put together so here are a couple things. Of course gift cards always work for anyone (Amazon, Restaurants, Spa, or the all inclusive VISA.)

But if you have someone who reads...I have heard so many good things about the book "Station Eleven." It has popped up on numerous "best book" lists of would make a good gift. (Hint, Hint) ;)

Or this book looks good as I loved the author's other book..."A Hundred Summers."

And I heard this one is a good read too...

I still never bought Hunter Rain Boots (Gloss Wide Calf) but feel like I would wear them a lot.

Okay...this would probably not be very practical but they have a new bike path near our house and I think this would be so fun to have. Then Norah and I could go together! Or better yet...Jeff and I can be on it so he can do all the work! Tandem Bike (I kinda wish all the moms would band together and make our kids ride their bikes to and from school in the upcoming years on the new path! Maybe one day...)

Okay now on to the fun activities that I am planning for break...first up...we are having a family night at the movies and seeing "Night at the Museum 3" together. We actually just watched the first two films for the first time as a family the last few family nights we had so we are all excited about the third movie.
And I am taking Norah to see "The Nutcracker" at the Palace Theatre December 21. We are excited to go!
Well that catches the ole' blog to run some errands!