Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Five...

1. Books...I finished reading "The Wife, The Maid, and the Mistress" and really enjoyed it. I love books that take something that is true but then fictionalize it. It stems from the disappearance of a judge in 1930s (which really happened) and she writes the book from the three view points of the wife, the maid, and the mistress in what could have happened (she details at end all the liberties she took and what was actually fact.) Great summer read and definitely recommend this one. Now I started "I Am Pilgrim" and even though I have only read a little far it is fantastic!

2. The was quite hot the beginning of the week and Norah and I would seek the ocean breeze in the afternoons which was the only way to stay cool. Norah also went to Yoga Camp for Kids for three days this week and loved it as well as great way to stay indoors in the heat wave. At least it seems to be back to normal temps after a good rain storm we had the other night.

3. How much fun did I have that I got to see my ole' friend Gina this week? A ton! She and her family were in town for the week and Norah and I got to hang out with all of them at the beach. It was amazing to catch up and I could have chatted forever. I hope to see her again soon! I dug up a pic of some of us back in 1995ish at the beach in Garden City. I must admit...I did love high school...we had a lot of fun!!!

4. Norah has so wanted to have a stuffed animal again (we had to get rid of all of them with the allergy issue.) Well I found one that is asthma and allergy friendly. It is by Kids Preferred-Health Baby and you have to freeze the bear for 24 hours and then wash...repeat every 4 weeks. But Norah loves him and has named him Bayzel so it is worth it! You pronounce it like the herb but that is how she wants to spell it because she said it is "Bay" for character on Big Hero 6 and "zel" for her beloved Beazel.

5. Sunday is Norah's 8th birthday...I can barely believe it! So we will be celebrating her all weekend!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Date, Pick-up, and Norah is home...

Originally I was going to get Norah by myself on Friday but that meant an 8 hour drive total for the day so we decided it was better to go up the night before again. This time Jeff and I stayed on the water side of New Bern and had a really fun night! Our view from our room started us off right!

Next up we walked back to the Persimmons (the same restaurant we had eaten at the week before) and Jeff ordered some local beer that were highlighting for the night. This lead to him winning a raffle three times! It cracked me up! Jeff said he had won random stuff in years! He won a gift card, t-shirt, and beer glasses.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel and grabbed a drink at the bar and just sat on the water. It was actually a beautiful night and it wasn't too hot for once!

We got up in the morning and headed to a local restaurant for breakfast called Baker's Kitchen. There were a lot of parents eating in there that were headed to camp Seafarer and Seagull for pick up. 

Then we arrived to Camp Seafarer and I thought I would bust with happiness when I got to see sweet Norah! I got some pics of her with some of her new friends, we went to the camp store, and then had a little lunch they had set up at camp. Then we hit the road! Norah loved her counselors...all three of these girls stayed in her cabin every night. A big thank you to them for taking care of our girl!

Needless to say...once in the car...someone was exhausted!!!

We got home and was welcomed by some friends and family for pizza night! I loved hearing all of Norah's stories from camp and she has missed it a lot already. She does say that she wants to go back next year too. Saturday we went to the movies...I had promised Norah we would see "Inside Out" right when she got back from camp. It was a really sweet movie and has a lot of meaning. Norah says she really liked it and you definitely can use a tissue when watching it.

Then in the afternoon we hit the beach/pool at Litchfield Inn. Such a beautiful day and had a blast!

Today is Father's Day and Jeff is really an amazing Dad! So we will see what he wants to do on his day! Here are some older pics of Jeff and Norah together...I'm so glad to have this blog and to have taken so many pictures of Norah and Jeff over the years!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The days without Norah...

It has been strange not having Norah here this week. I thought I would get all these things done but it was like I was off kilter. We did try some new things. We went to the new restaurant in town called PDQ and I can say the shrimp tacos were super yummy, as were the apps of fried green tomatoes and Crab cake medallions. They just opened so have a few kinks to work out as all new restaurants would but I think it is going to be a great place!

Branched out from my usual red wine and had two super delicious Prosecco choices...both were ones I would get again!

Saw two new I went to the theater to see after seeing such high reviews on Rotten Tomatoes..."Spy." I actually really liked it! Definitely an "R" rated movie so not good for any kids but it was funny and interesting. Such a fun summer movie...go see it!

Finally watched "Wild" as I read the book about 3 years ago I think. It was okay...I felt they really didn't focus on any details of the hike and I remember the book was only okay for me too. I would pass on this one.

I also got some beach time in this week which is always fun but strange not to have Norah with me!

Wednesday was fantastic because I finally got to see a full picture of Norah on the camp website and we got a letter from her in the mail. She is having a blast and I cannot wait to hear all about it from her when she gets home!!!

This morning we woke up to some horrific news about what is believed to be a hate crime in Charleston leaving 9 people dead. It is just tragic. We are praying.

Tomorrow is the day to see my girl and hear all about her camp adventures...yeah! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Recent Book Reads...

I finished the following books recently...

I find that I have wanted to read interesting but not too long books at the beginning of the summer. First up was "The Headmaster's Wife" which was a quick read and I did figure out what was happening but thought it was good. I think the loss of loved ones affect people in different ways. I would recommend this book to people who like to read a lot but if you are only a few books a year person you may not be into it as much.

"Behind the Beautiful Forevers" is a non-fiction book. First let me say that I have a fascination with India and if a book is set in India and gives me a glimpse into their culture, daily lives, etc. then I usually love it. This book was good and I found it interesting to see the dynamic of the lives that are portrayed...but I felt I needed more. I wanted to know how to find out about the people today, etc. This book is for those who enjoy non-fiction and want to read about people in extreme poverty and their daily lives.

"Euphoria" is a book about 3 anthropologists in the 1930s and is loosely based on the life of Margaret Mead. I found this book fascinating. I actually wanted it to be longer. I loved the descriptions of their lives and the work they were doing. This was my favorite out of the ones above by far and I would recommend.

Now to decide what is up next! Linked up...Modern Mrs. Darcy

Monday, June 15, 2015

Taking Norah to Camp Seafarer...

Last week I tried to soak up every minute with Norah before she left for camp. We did the beach daily where we collected shells, she rode the waves, and just enjoyed being outside.

We played lots of games. My mom actually found an old backgammon game so Norah and I played that a lot. We are all about games that take only one or two people to play.

We both read a lot...which was awesome.

We even celebrated with friends on our last night in town. Then we were off on Saturday to New Bern to spend the night and attend an ice cream social for the camp. As all good Hoppe road trips start with a car selfie!

We made a stop in Wilmington to eat lunch and walk around and then once we got to New Bern...we checked into hotel (which a ton of campers were staying)...and then headed to dinner at Persimmons which was awesome. The view and the food was great Of course it was HOT as you know what and we were all sweating like beasts...but worth it!

Then we headed to the ice cream social. It was chaotic as there were lots of kids but really cute event. I even ran into some people I know which was wild. :)

Saturday night I was quite anxious and teary thinking about leaving Norah the next day. However, the next day came and we arrived at camp...Norah was beyond happy and excited! She went into her cabin and settled right in and was ready for us to leave so she could start her camp experience. This made me super happy! However, I didn't take a lot of pics that day because I just got caught up in the action of unpacking, etc.

The camp was beautiful!

This is Norah's cabin

This is the view from her cabin...yep...that will be nice to wake up to!

We left and drove back home. I missed her the moment we pulled away. I know she is having a blast though but it is hard not to talk to her! I miss having her to hang out with all week but look forward to seeing the camp post some pics and catching a glimpse of her!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I love finding out about various things in other is a game I saw on a blog that we recreated at home...

Then on the same blog we made a few Thaumatropes which have been cool. (Trust me it works!)

We also picked these two games up recently and have loved playing them. Both are awesome!

Of course we have had more beach time. It is a given... :)

Had a friend come visit tonight and it was so nice to chat it up! Now to see what the weather will do tomorrow!