Sunday, October 5, 2014

Catching up and some randoms...

Norah is loving the swim team! We head to Georgetown twice a week for practice and such a great group of kids! Norah diving off the starter block...

She had art on Monday which was football themed and she represented Clemson and the Panthers! Then Wednesday she went to an art program at the public library and based on artist Dixie Dugan so they only used their fingers, flour, salt, and food coloring (finger painting at its best!) and she created this...great program and I love the way it turned out!

I have been missing Charlotte so yesterday I went to was great to get a little city life in! Of course I brought a cooler and stocked up at Trader Joe' me some Trader Joe's! While I was there Norah went to the fall festival at Brookgreen Gardens with Ellie...she had a blast!!! Thanks for taking her Glenn!

Jeff went out on the water while we were both gone but no dinner was caught. So we decided to head up to Moe's...the weather here has been amazing! Norah played corn hole and then danced to the hokey pokey (Thanks to Mr. Lammonds for playing it!) We also got to visit with Hollingsworth and her mom (too fun!) and then later the Wilcox family joined us. Needless to say it was a busy Saturday!

My mom has been able to be at the beach more lately which has been so fabulous! She had an extra fitbit and gave it to me...I am obsessed! I love seeing the amount of steps.

And how cute is the Tory Burch line for fitbit...loving the gold necklace and bracelet...wish they had silver too!

Now if my back would only cooperate...still hurting and I'm over it! I had an MRI and they had already scheduled an SI injection for this month too so I guess I will know more then. I'm just ready to be normal and quit taking medicine! Never having had this issue is frustrating in that I cannot do all I want to I feel for those who have constant back issues.

Now that it is October...we are on official countdown till Jake and Betsy's wedding! Norah is going to be a flower girl and we are all so excited! Cannot wait to see everyone and hang out with the crew!

Finn had an incident with his eye that required a trip to the vet and a week long medicine and eye drops. Now he is on the mend and doing well! So glad!

Books and many good ones coming out...gotta get on it! Still reading the "The Cairo Affair" (during the school year I feel that I slow down in reading time) and I think Amanda and I are planning a movie night soon.

Oh mom and I ate at the Which Wich the last weekend (first time) and I loved it! We have even made a trip back this Friday night. I have gotten the special Banh Mi (split it with good!) and the lettucewich for the gyro which was excellent too. We really needed another sandwich place around here...too bad it is a 20 minute drive.

Well today is the normal Sunday activities to get geared up for the week except tonight is an Annual goodEATS fundraiser for our school and it is always such a great time! Can't wait!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Latest...

Norah finished her swim lessons last week with a bang...she swam 20 laps (500 yards) continuously encompassing all 4 strokes (breast/butterfly/backstroke/freestyle) and Jeff and I were so impressed! She never gave up or was amazing to watch and we were super proud parents! Plus the swim teacher bribed her with a cup of candy (I told her she is going to make a good mom one day!) So Norah has decided to join the Little Wahoo Swim Team. She will practice twice a week and participate in some swim meets. I love all the kids (and parents!) she has met so far and excited that she is having fun! 

She also went to art this week and painted the cutest thing...a pink flamingo! I've made a gallery wall of some of Norah's art and this will be added to it. 

Norah was also in the local paper last week for an activity she participated in at the Public Library. How cute and she hopes to do the next activity they have...we do love the library!

Norah also got a reward for the reading she did over the summer for of her prizes was an eye patch that she has been wearing a good bit around the house and in this pic. It cracks me up!

Recently I got my hair cut...pretty short. Easier to fix but it is a change! I also went to the doctor for my back as it is still bothering me. They saw some things on the x-ray (way more than I was expecting...) and now I'm in for a MRI next week so we will see the final plan...hopefully something simple. You know as a mom...all I could think about is "I don't have time for this to be happening right now." Typical mom response. :)

On the book front...I finished reading "This is Where I Leave You" by Jonathan Tropper and liked it. I heard the movie got bad reviews but I still kinda want to see it. Recommend the book but it is a little on topic side so if that is not up your alley...beware. 

Love this quote from the book...
"Sometimes, contentment is a matter of will. You have to look at what you have right in front of you, at what it could be, and stop measuring it against what you've lost. I know this to be wise and true, just as I know that pretty much no one can do it."

Since that was a quick read...I picked the next book based on it hopefully being a fast-paced plot...a little spy action called..."The Cairo Affair" by Olen Steinhauer. I'm only a couple pages in and so far, so good.

Well now getting geared up to watch a little "Scandal" Season 4 action...can't wait!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Night...Family Night...

We are pretty good about our family nights on Wednesday and tonight it was up to Norah what to do...of course she picked beach, pool, and fish 'n chips. Since we pay for Litchfield Inn we went. It was a beautiful (super beautiful night!) especially after all this rain. Nights like this we always say..."Livin' the Dream." We had a blast...until...

Norah can dive now...but I could never catch a photo of her going in but caught her feet one time! :)

Norah is now loving to take pics of us too...

Wine and a view of my is good!

Yep...they played in the ocean until Jeff got stung with a jelly fish a couple of times! It was still a blast of a night and at least it didn't get Norah! Now after is UNO time. :)

P.S. Norah said that "the jellyfish can't hurt Daddy because he is a strong man." Love it! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Lately: Last week was catch up week for me regarding school/house stuff. Norah had swim lessons...which she is loving! 

She also had grandparents day at Norah's school...Nini was able to go to it and Norah loved having her there. My mom kept Norah Friday night so Jeff and I could have date night. Norah loved spending the night and met a neighbor that has a girl a few years older and they played well together. Norah even started trying to ride my old bike without training wheels with the neighbor. How exciting!

While Norah was there...Jeff and I started with some drinks with some peeps I work with around was fun as always. Then we were headed to dinner but had two detours...after we did those things our plans for dinner were kinda up in the air. Since I love a plan and now we didn't have one...we weren't sure what to do. It was 9ish so we knew kitchens around here would close soon. We hit up Bistro at the bar...ordered some apps and ran into people we knew there. The next thing I know it is 1:30 am and we are at the PIT. OMG! We had a blast! Moral of story: the nights that don't go as planned are usually the best! If you know Jeff and I really well...we laughed about Friday night because it reminded us of how we used to go out when we were dating. Needless to say, Saturday was a little rough...but thanks to the "new adult version" of a cure (I am still laughing about MB!)...I made it through!

Norah also got a couple of neat things lately...Pops got her some chapstick as she loves to wear it (and actually needs it!) Tell me how cool this is?!

She also got this from Jeff and I...we usually reward her here and there when she does well on her tests. First three tests...all As!

She has created a few things so far...all are so cute!
The bottom right is my is the beach/sand and then waves/sky with the sun in the top left of it. How creative!
Books...well with school starting my reading has decreased but I miss it! I read "We Were Liars" which is sold as YA fiction but the actual subject is pretty heavy. It was a quick read that I really enjoyed and would recommend. It would be a great book club book to hear what people think about what happened, family dynamics, money, teenagers, and another important thing (but I don't want to give it away!) I was all excited about reading "All the Light we Cannot See" by Anthony Doerr. Even author Abraham Verghese (he is the author of one of my favorite books, "Cutting for Stone") gave it rave reviews. But I'm on page 250 and just have no desire to keep reading. I feel like I should keep reading as the writing is great and the characters are interesting but that is it for me. So I may pause and read another book and then come back to it to finish. I think I'm just not in the mood for historical fiction at the moment...maybe? Anyone want to tell me to keep reading ASAP as the reviews for it are great?!

I think I will switch gears and read "This is Where I Leave You" as it was recommended by MB and the movie comes out in a week. I've heard great things about it I'll let ya know how it goes. I think my mom might listen to it on Audible too.

To keep going with the random are two things to buy if you live near a Trader Joes (so jealous!) The cheese is the bomb and great to have on hand for an impromptu girls night and the bussels sprouts are so good just sauteed in a little olive oil, salt, and pepper!

Lately I have been checking out some new blogs here and there...anyone have any suggestions of ones that I should read? I've read Becoming Minimalist for awhile and find it so inspiring. Believe it or not...I think we have incorporated some of these ideas over the last few years in our household. If you look at My Blog List on the side see I have some book review blogs I like to check out like this one or this one, I also like the clothes and everyday stuff on this one and this one, and recipes on this one. And of course I still read this one which always reminds me to be so grateful for my life, family, and health. Blogs and Pinterest have replaced my time I used to spend on reading magazines! 

So glad the Panthers won today! Not a lot to be said about my college teams for the last two weeks so we will just go with the Panthers! Ha! Yep...I think this post is definitely on the random side. :)

Hope it is a smooth week!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Beginning of September....

Last weekend was Labor Day and the beginning of September. There was beach time (Norah and I), creek time (Norah and Jeff), house chores (it never ends), dinner with awesome friends (why did I not take pics? Always a good time with the Keith Family!), and the start of football season! There is still lots of UNO playing going on in the Hoppe house as well and I must say that it is a really fun game.

That was the laundry I put up last weekend...the red circle is Darcy just watching! We are a family of three and laundry never ends...I cannot imagine the laundry that larger families have on a daily should get an award!

Norah has been doing swim lessons so that she can be on the swim team. She is loving it! And of course she always has time for a little iPad action.

So Monday (Labor Day) came and I was unloading the dishwasher when my back had a shooting pain and went out. I hit the floor and could not move. (I know, I know, the most random stuff has happened since living here) Long story short. Back in bad, bad pain...went to doctor, nothing broken, loads of drugs, feeling sick and loopy...made it through. Still having some back issues so will have to go to the Orthopaedic doctor or chiropractor maybe? But feeling better at least (medicine made me yucky!) Any advice on a bad back...I'm all ears as this is new for me.

So I took it easy this weekend...lots of football watching and staying around the house. I did go to the movies with Amanda to see "The Hundred-Foot Journey" and must say that I really liked it. There is no action, special effects, etc. just a good ole' story about family and food. It was a simple, feel good movie with fabulous scenes, wonderful characters, and the!

I feel like I cooked a lot more and experimented with new recipes a good bit in Charlotte but haven't done that here as much. I feel like I cook the same thing here over and over again. I wonder if it is because you are limited to what ingredients you can get in Pawleys Island? But after seeing a movie like makes me want to try some stuff out. I think THESE might be a good place to start. Also I think Amanda and I might need to travel to Charleston soon to taste some more exotic food or maybe a trip to ATL is in order! (MB I know you could point us to some good ethnic restaurants!!)

Well today is more football and gearing up for the week. I love the Fall season! And I have to give Jeff a big thanks for stepping it up last week while I was out of it...thanks Hop!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Catching Up...

With the first week of school done...there is a little breathing room until Monday rolls around again. I need to "scrapbook" my pics on here as there has been a lot happening in this last week (so long post and pic overload.) I think I will go backwards and start with what we were up to today.

We went with my mom on her boat to an area where you have the creek on one side and the ocean on the is actually beyond beautiful. It was so peaceful and Norah had fun in the water, finding shells, and helping Daddy as he caught two red fish...both keepers and our dinner for Sunday! (I love Norah wearing her shades!)

Mom cooling off in the water

Fish #1

Last night we went to our friend's house for a little back to school party (2nd Annual)...after the super busy week...I was ready for a glass of wine! The kids had a blast on the slip and was a great night with awesome folks, delicious food, and good times!

Most importantly this first week of school makes Norah an official 2nd grader! I cannot believe it! She loves her teacher and class...and has been super excited to go to school each day (which makes me so happy!) She picked out her outfits for the first three days and of course I took a pic of her each morning! I love this girl to pieces and it was hard getting back to not being with her all day...I missed her so much!

And I had my first day of is a pic of the teachers at our school they took this week during a teacher workday. This week was all about getting back in a routine of school (students and myself!) so that this Monday it can really crank into gear.

Before school started we had dinner at my aunt's house where she cooked up some crabs she had caught in her crab trap...they were yummy and it was a fun, relaxing night.

And Norah and I enjoyed one last beach day before school started with just the two of us (I am missing that time with her already!) We only stayed about 2 hours because the jelly fish were out!

Well tonight was family night and we went to dinner at Habanero's and then played UNO (which Norah won the most games!) Norah was so worn out that she put herself to bed tonight early. Now it is time for me to crash so I can get ready to do a zillion things tomorrow to prepare for a new week!