Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday things...

Well today we are home (no school) as it was predicted that we would have gotten some snow/ice but instead it is just cold! That is how we roll in Pawleys Island, SC. :)

Norah as cute as always!

We had a very low key weekend...maybe too low key in productivity. ;) There was a couple games of Apples to Apples which was a lot of fun!

Norah and I made the front page of a local paper about our new library...I'm even quoted on page 4. Kinda fun!

I did not watch the Oscars but did check out some dresses the next day...here are some of my favs. Had to put a guy on there for the perfect tux! (Jennifer Aniston's dress would have made the list if the bottom half was not see through...because color and fit were great.)

Well I was in a small car accident yesterday. A young driver reversed right into me so I have to take my car in for an estimate. Such my luck! Norah and I are also debating whether to go to the movies today...she wants to see the movie "McFarland." Well here is to hoping that the week warms up and March brings the spring weather!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Five for Mid-week...

1. "Gilmore Girls" Yes...I watched all seven seasons and then have started re-watching (or really just have it play in the background when at home) as there is nothing on TV these days. I really like it. I must admit that I'm a little more Team Chris and not Team Luke and I love Logan. I do hope they make a movie like they did for "Veronica Mars" as there is a lot they could do with it. We will see!

2. Books...so behind on reading (I blame #1 above for this!) Our new library opened in town and it is fabulous! (Lesson learned about going places with no make-up and stuff early in the morning...)I hope this is motivation to get back to reading! What I'm reading and what is up next...

3. I have decided not to return to my current school for next year. It has been hard this year to handle Norah's schedule with mine. I am really sad to leave my school kids but know it is the best thing to do right now. I think I will do something in a work capacity next year on a part time basis but not sure what that means right now...I also know that I will go back to "work" on a more full time schedule once Norah gets older. Right now I feel like she needs me more before, during, and after school and I know I will never get this time back.

(I just wanted to add that I have always taken my job as a teacher seriously (even though it is my passion and second career...I know it is not looked upon as prestigious as other professions to some people) and I was told by an adult the other day not to worry so much about the kids and school stuff...after I was stressing about getting my school kids ready for next year, etc. This kinda makes me sad because don't we all want our teachers of our own kids to care too much? Otherwise what is the point? Anyways...I hope all my students know that I really care that they learn and grow and I constantly have ideas run through my mind of ways to help them not only in math but with life skills. I also hope Norah has teachers who feel the same way. But on a happier note...thank you to the parents who have asked me to stay next year...that means a lot and I will miss your kids more than you know. I also want to note that in the 4 years of my teaching...I have had the best "teams" of teachers...the Mountaineer team to my Middle School Triangle of teachers at my current school...everyone has been amazing!)

4. Norah has started Speech Therapy at school for "R" sounds which I'm really happy about and I think she is too. Staying on the Norah topic...she is going away to Camp Seafarer this year which she and I are super excited about but at the same time...I know I will cry and miss her terribly!! Any advice on camp (for her) and how I'm to survive without her for the week...I'm all ears!

5. Tomorrow we are on a 2 hour delay for school due to cold weather. This could lead for the same for Friday. Only in the South do we close for cold weather...no sleet, freezing rain, or snow. Funny but it does give our Southern ways our true personality... :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Well we have been a house of germs for the last few weeks (hence, lack of pics and posting.) It started with Jeff, then Norah, and finally me. This week is the first week in a month that we are finally all well. Today was a teacher workday for me (loved a three day weekend!) and Norah had school. Last week we enjoyed Valentine's Day...The middle school teachers I work with are awesome and we had a Middle School party with our kids. We even made them a special Valentine...see pic below!

The kids spoiled us too with flowers, candy, and cards galore. So very sweet! Norah also had a Valentine's Party at her school and she loved it! The week prior...Norah had a Daddy/Daughter dance and it was precious. She loved having time with her Daddy!

A couple weeks ago a friend of Jeff's family let us use their beach house for the weekend. It was awesome! Especially seeing the sunset and sunrise...what a view!

I found a few pics on my phone from our night at the beach house...here is one of them. Ha! I think the kids had fun!
Around my birthday time...a student gave me "butter beer" since he know my obsession with ole' Harry Potter. Love my school kids!

Well it is cold here but no snow for us...boo! I see Charlotte schools are closed again tomorrow and I am a little jealous...I mean if it is going to be super cold here...I want the white stuff!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Norah time and my birthday...

So Norah made the BEACH program which we are still ecstatic about...then she got all As which is principals honor roll for second quarter, and hit the next point club in accelerated reader. So she got a new Lego Friends set she wanted. Love to see her concentrate in putting it together. I'm also the proudest parent ever when it comes to Norah!

Norah did her second swim meet this weekend. It was a 6 am-3 pm kinda day...but she did great! We were so proud of her! We volunteered since it was held at Georgetown and Frankie, Denny, Susan, and Bill came to cheer her on which she loved. She had the best time...so fun...and we loved watching her!

Saturday night we had family dinner at my moms but then crashed early as we all were exhausted from swim meet. We did do a just us family dinner night on Friday as I really wanted sushi for my birthday. 700 Modern delivered!

Well today is my actual birthday! I've chilled with lots of extra coffee, "Gilmore Girls" on Netflix, and online shopping!

A little Tory Burch from my sister and lighting fixtures from my mom, step-dad, aunt, and uncle. All things I love!

Then a last minute outing to a local restaurant for music and chill time! Thanks Wilcox Fam!

And from my favorite girl Norah...she gave me a clay sculpture she made and is writing me a book...she is the best! Well I'm excited about 2015...even if I'm actually 37 instead of 29...girl has got to dream!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A little break...

Last week we headed to Charlotte for the weekend. We got to stop by our old 'hood and visit our neighbors. Norah was beyond excited to see William and I think he was happy to see her too! Too cute! I loved seeing my neighbor Sarah and her cute kids! We miss y'all!
We stayed with Jeff's mom and look what we saw out her window ...that is a lot of deer!

Gotta have a family selfie!

We got to spend a lot of time with family...lunch with Jeff's mom, brother, and sister-in-law which was great. Dinners with Jeff's mom. Norah loves all the family time too! We also went to the movies. Jeff met up some buddies and watched "American Sniper" which he said was awesome. Mrs. Hoppe, Norah, and I went and saw "Paddington" which I thought was super cute and really liked. I now want a pet bear that talks with a British accent. :)

It was such a great trip but it went by so fast! I always wish we could see more people and do more things but I guess that just means we need to go back soon! We did eat Panera for breakfast on Sunday as Jeff is obsessed with it! :) I was cracking up as they were both reading the paper...

This was the view from Jeff's mom's back yard on the day we left...she lives on a golf course and it was so pretty!

Basically I "Heart" Charlotte!
We got home and it was so nice to have Monday off too! We have new neighbors here and they have three kids...Norah loves it! So she went over there to play some...I found a new series that I have never watched before... "Gilmore Girls." Yep, new addiction...on episode 10 in first season. It is really cute!
Well the ole' birthday countdown is on...just 5 more days! :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

The latest and stuff...

Last Friday we had a little family night out...

One thing we were celebrating was Norah getting her letter saying she qualified for the BEACH program which is the school's gifted and talented program starting in third grade...so next year for her. We are so proud of her!! My mom and Denny sent her a surprise for the good news!!

Football...every team we pulled for lost! Boo! Panthers, Broncos, and the Ducks!

We also ate moose this weekend! We were given some from a friend to try...it was delicious!

Norah's latest artwork...a peacock! So cute!

I read "Bittersweet"... Easy read and a page tuner. If you like "We were Liars"... This one is similar but more adult in some ways...a perfect beach read!

I heard a lot of good things about "The Honourable Woman" mini series that is now on Netflix or Amazon...I think I will start to watch it! (Anyone watched it already?)

Well this has already been a busy week and it is only Tuesday...whew...ready for the long weekend!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The beginning of 2015...

*I will be turning the ole' blog private soon so for friends and family that read this to keep up with us...I can give you the password.*

On a sad note...Jeff and I were saddened to hear about Stuart Scott...we had actually talked about him a few months ago. We watched ESPN this morning and it was so sweet to hear all the things about him. How my thoughts and prayers go out to his daughters.

So hard to believe it is a new year! The week leading up to Christmas was super busy so we used the week that followed it to have a little more relax time...and it was fabulous!

My attempt to do the Katniss braid for Norah
Norah on her new scooter!
Jeff shot a deer on the last day of the season...super excited about the packed freezer we will have!
Norah hanging out with Finn
Norah and I went and saw this movie...I was surprised that Norah liked it as much as she did. I think she liked that it was a musical. Meryl Streep was fantastic!!
I read this book...really enjoyed it. It is a historical fiction during World War II...and it started like a lot of them do but then it was different. Once I got into it...I so wanted to know how it would end and it became a quick read! If you like historical fiction...I highly recommend.
I got this book for Christmas and it has been talked about a lot. I am always hesitant for the ones that have so much hype but usually still end of reading them anyway. This book is a quick read and one that you cannot stop thinking about...it could happen. I actually finished it late at night and was a little freaked out. It is not a book I would have read by reading the description but glad I did. It would make a great book club book as there is a lot to talk about with it. Recommend it.
I also found a new series on Netflix, "Baby Daddy," which I find hilarious!

Tonight is the return of Downton Abbey...which I am excited about. Also found this random website Rainy Mood where it is just the sound of rain...love it! And loved Clemson's win and the Panthers too! I so hope Carolina can go all the way! (Seriously I need a #59 jersey/shirt stat!) I also must say that I enjoyed the Oregon game and all the jokes that followed. I'm going for the Ducks all the way... plus their uniforms are amazing. ;)

Well trying to enjoy my last day before I go back to work and stop eating like crazy...man holiday food is delicious! I am excited about 2015...I think it is going to be a great year!