Friday, April 18, 2014

Loving it...

I went on the field trip with Norah's class to the local landfill/recycle center yesterday. At first I was a little worried that it was going to be boring but turned out to be super interesting (highly recommend this field trip to everyone in the community) and I thought how much I learned from it! It was also awesome to hang out with Norah, her class, her teacher, and another parent. We had beautiful weather...a little chilly at first....but it was a great time. After it was over, we headed to the park in Georgetown to have a picnic lunch and play time. The kids had a so much fun all day.

I was able to leave with Norah from the park and we went to downtown Georgetown for some ice cream and I ran into Black Mingo. Let's just say that I could buy a ton in it for myself and especially for Jeff! They also had their 6 month old chocolate lab in there and Norah and I were in love with her...she was so cute!

Well I had a meeting in the afternoon that I went to but SPRING BREAK STARTED!!!! YEAH! One of my dear friends and her family are in town this week (Hey Julie!) and I was able to see her the other night. I am hoping we can get together again before she leaves. Jeff's mom was also in town this week and we were able to spend some time with her one night too. Norah had a sleepover at her sweet friend's Ellie's house last night...I think she was happily worn out from it....this is what she did when she got home today...

So sweet. This morning has been all about getting the house back together which has been a lot of laundry action, cleaning, etc. Also getting ready for the Easter Bunny's arrival, and our upcoming trip, and just enjoying having a Friday off work to do everything. Now time to get lunch for us and who knows what the rest of the day will bring!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Break is here! Yippee!

I am ecstatic that Spring Break is here (sorta!) I cannot wait to relax and I'm sure all my students and every teacher in the world feels the same way. Last Thursday was book club (aka wine club/girls night out!) which is always a hoot! We are going to read "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green which I have heard is awesome but it is gonna make you cry. Hope to start on it over the Break!

Friday we went to Quigleys for Family Time (we actually ate there again on Sunday!) and to enjoy the awesome their happy hour prices too!

She had a birthday party on Saturday which was at a local dance place and she had a blast!

We also played a lot of Chutes and Ladders this past weekend...which is a pretty fun game.

Our school had it's big fundraiser Saturday night which was a huge hit!

This week has been all about the countdown. Now I am officially done with school as I am taking the day off tomorrow to be a chaperone for Norah's class tomorrow (I do have two more work related things to do so no official spring break for me until tomorrow at 5:30 pm.) So this morning I took Norah to get breakfast at Pawley's Island Bakery...which is the best...and picked up some Easter cookies for my 6th graders to celebrate our last day.

I have not gotten to play around a ton with our ROKU yet but the few things I have set up are pretty great and I find it super convenient. I now want to get another ROKU for our other TV. I have even started watching the West Wing Season 1 (I never watched it when it was on) and I love it so far.

Well one more day of things I "have" to do tomorrow and then a break to do all the things I "want" to do!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Oh Wednesday...

Well let's see April brings lots of golf tournaments...The Masters and Heritage...of course the Heritage golf tournament in Hilton Head is where Jeff and I met 12 years ago. It is so hard to believe it has been 12 years...and Gaddy...the "bruise" still makes me chuckle as does MB's..."Joshua."

Okay back to present time...this past weekend Norah went to a friend's birthday party where she had a blast. One of the party favors was a sleep mask and I found her asleep that night with it on...too cute!

Norah also made a "fort" in the dining room on Monday night and has been enjoying hanging out in it every night when she gets home from her activity of the day...

Today Norah had her Rainbow Run at school...she was up early this morning...ready to go!

I was not able to go as it was during my two morning classes but luckily my Aunt Susan went to cheer Norah on...

Norah had a blast...she said she ran and jogged some during the run. She loved that her Aunt Susan came to see her! She also raised money for the event and look at this cute pic of Norah with her favorite 1st grade teacher ever...Mrs. Caswell!

Books...I finished reading "The Last Letter from your Lover" by Jojo Moyes. This is the third book I have read by her and I love her writing. I really enjoyed the book and liked the two stories just as she did two stories in "The Girl You Left Behind"...highly recommend all three of the books. "Me Before You" is still up there as one of my all time favorites. I look forward to reading more of her books.

I have book club tomorrow night and have to finish our book "The Interestings" by Meg Wolitzer...I'll let you know how I like it when I finish it. I also have a growing list of books that are on my "to be read" list...cannot wait til this summer when I can read more!

Well I have to leave you with a picture that was on the other day and made me smile. It is from the College Basketball Final Game on Monday night...two past Presidents and Romo...only in America!! :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The start of April...

I cannot believe it is the beginning of April already...time is flying! Well this week was full of the, school for Norah, and Norah activities. Norah's school did call me on Thursday from the nurse saying she didn't feel well (stiff neck and sore throat!) so I freaked and ran to school to get her. I took her to the doctor but luckily it was just allergies. We also ended up getting a new gadget...(Roku...and I haven't had time to figure it all out...but will keep you posted!)

Friday came and I got hit with allergies (I hope this is it and I hope it does not last long...never had allergy issues before) and felt like death warmed over...this continued and I immediately went to bed once I got home. This yuckiness did allow me to finish "House of Cards" Season 2 which was awesome. You have to watch it! Then I started Season 1, Episode 1 of "Breaking Bad" and I have to admit it makes me look at Chemistry in another way!

Not sure what to say about "Scandal"...I'm still team Fitz/Olivia...gotta feeling that this season will end a little interesting....

Anyway...after I awoke from the Zyrtec/Ibuprofen coma on Saturday morning...Norah and I ran errands and then headed to a friend's pool...

We then headed home and after dinner and a movie (at home) with friends...we headed to an early bed.

Jeff has been fishing all day and this is the picture I just got with the caption "fish tacos"...

Here is to hoping I feel better tomorrow...Norah has a birthday party to go to which she is pumped up about and it will be time to get ready for another week!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Loved the Weekend...

This weekend was so nice. It was relaxing and was much needed. We started on Friday with a birthday party at the bowling alley for two friends turning 4 years old. Norah had a blast and even bowled a strike! (I think Friday afternoon parties are are ready to relax and then you still have the whole weekend ahead of you. Note to self: Norah's birthday party will be on a Friday)

There was also lots of oyster eating, wine drinking, family time, friend time, errands run, cleaning, and even time by myself. There was a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family Channel which always makes for some fun TV watching. Jeff and Keith killed a hog today...and this time I think it will be eaten...I will have to keep you posted on that one. No picture as the one he sent me is not too pretty. Norah had a big weekend and even took a nap today on the couch with the was so cute.

Well here is to hoping the warmer weather arrives this week...hard to believe it will be April already!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Latest...

I'm worn out. Life has been a blur lately. Yada Yada Yada. Oh well. Let's move on. So before heading to Disney with my 7th and 8th grade students (who I adore! And yes...I actually missed my 6th graders)...Norah and I spent some time together as I was extremely sad about leaving her behind. We went to breakfast (cute Ellie spent the night with us the night before so she went to breakfast too!), had nails done, went to the movies (saw "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" which was great...totally gonna own that movie one day!!) and really just bonded. I sure did miss her bunches while I was gone! Luckily my mom and Jeff took good care of sweet girl (and my friend Glenn too!). So here are a few pics of Norah and Ellie at breakfast, "selfie" of myself and teachers who chaperoned before my A/C broke...another story...(thank you to all the parent chaperones...especially my roommate Stacy who was so fun to stay up late talking...of course we were exhausted later for it...but so fun!!!!) And the last pics are the sun rising on the last morning of our stay in Florida from our balcony...beautiful!

When I arrived home...I just wanted to be with baby girl but alas...we came back mid-week! So after finishing the week at school (I was a walking zombie!) Norah and I got to bond on Saturday with a breakfast out, errands, and just fun while Jeff caught a fish with his friend Kyle. The fish was delicious as we did get to eat it for dinner that night! We enjoyed company on Sunday (even though there was a little work that had to be done by both and Jeff and I too) and I must admit being sucked into some basketball action as there was some great games on TV for March Madness. (Norah and I watched "Frozen" again too!) Norah also went with the Wilcox family to Brookgreen Gardens too!

This week has been standardized testing for the middle school students where I work and Norah has had her first project due (it was on France!) as well as the usual stuff. Now the countdown is still on for Spring Break (22 days) and I will admit...even for the weekend (2 days!)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mid-Week Check in...

Well today is one of those days (I feel like I say this everyday) where there is so much to do but so little time. Also sweet Norah is not feeling well and they called from school for us to come pick her up. Jeff and I split the day so we both got to go to work some. She says her throat hurts and I am really hoping it is allergies (have given her Zyrtec)...but only time will tell. She seems to be doing a little better as the day has gone on but still says it hurts (no fever so I'm hoping that it is not strep.) She did let me snuggle with her today which was nice!

Now let's have a random blog post...

I really want to see "Grand Budapest Hotel" but it isn't playing around here...maybe it will eventually come to Charleston?

I'm hoping to take Norah to see this movie...

And I will definitely be seeing this movie (loved the book!)...

Lately this is how I feel...(a late April Spring Break is tough on a teacher!)

Speaking of Spring Break...Norah and I are having some Mommy and Me time and going to...

We are both very excited! We plan on going to all the museums, monuments, the zoo, etc. The countdown is on. (Still trying to convince Jeff to take a Spring Break too and go with us!)

With the weather warming up...all I can think about (besides Spring Break) is summer coming...which means lots of beach time and nights out. Wouldn't these bags be perfect for a day on the beach and then a night out!

Well I guess it is back to do some school work while I can...did I mention that I leave soon with the 7th and 8th grade students to Disney World? Yep. Should be an adventure!